Organizing Committee

WSU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Miriam Greenberg, Biological Sciences
Research Area: The role of cardiolipin in mitochondrial and cellular function & molecular targets of bipolar disorder drugs

Hanaa Hariri, Biological Sciences
Research Area: Inter-organelle contact sites; Lipid trafficking, storage, and utilization; Organization of metabolic networks; Nutrient signaling; Aging and metabolic disorders

Christopher V. Kelly, Physics and Astronomy
Research Area: Examining the physical properties governing biological membranes using novel optical methods

WSU School of Medicine

Xuequn Chen, Physiology
Research Area: To understand, using systems biology approaches, how ER homeostasis is disrupted in diabetes. 

Wanqing Liu, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Area: Genetics and genomics of human liver disease and cancer, as well as pharmacogenomics and precision medicine

Christopher Kassotis, Pharmacology
Research Area: Identifying and characterizing endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and mixtures, as well as their potential impacts on human/animal health

Seongho Kim, Oncology
Research Area: Data analysis and the methodology development for biological and clinical cancer data

Krishna Rao Maddipati, Pathology
Research Area: Bioactive lipids in inflammation and related diseases

Izabela Podgorski, Pharmacology
Research Area: Identify molecular mechanisms underlying the association between bone marrow adiposity and metastatic prostate, breast and kidney cancers and to pinpoint key factors responsible for aggressiveness and chemoresistance

Stephanie Tucker, Cancer Biology
Research Area: Bioactive lipids

Henry Ford Health

Jagadananda Ghosh, Cancer Research
Research Area: Prostate cancer, metabolism

Emilio Mottillo, Pathology
Research Area: The molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate metabolic homeostasis